Are all those individuals with whom you can communicate with because they have your app installed in their device/s. You might also refer to them as your “Clients”.

It is very important that you connect your own data base client-id (your internal id, email, Facebook id, etc.) with the 10darts “Client data”.

Every time a user downloads your app 10darts generates an anonymous user ID. Once that user has signed up or logged in you need to inform 10darts SDK so the platform updates that user’s identification code, access data and keys. You have specific instructions here for Android and here for iOS.

These user data is the link between you and 10darts data base. You can update this information too through the API or importing a CSV file.

User Import

You can import user files in CSV format delimited by commas. This process will only update existing users in the 10darts platform that have an assigned client_data id and that match the values given in the imported file.

The values in the file columns are:

  • Field value client_data (string).
  • Nickname (string), optional.
  • Email (string), optional.
  • First Name (string), optional.
  • Last Name (string), optional.
  • Geo-Position (string). Example: RID=4326;POINT (-99.0099141 19.335117), where the values are longitude and latitude in that order, opcional.
  • Country (string), 2 character code with the country, optional.
  • Tags (string), list of tags linked to the user separated by ; Example: tag1;tag2. Optional.