Targeting Criteria

User target segmentation criteria:

Different communication channels: app, web notification, FB messenger, iOS, Android, etc.
10darts takes into account the user’s device language.
App version
Users with different app versions can also be targeted, related with iOS and Android apps.
List of individual users you specifically want to target.
You can choose among those you have already defined.
Keys or attributes you use for the different user categories you have in your CRM and that you previously have updated on 10darts. You can see how you can update your users’ categories using the API click here and the SDK click here or click here to import a CVS File.
Random Segmentation
When you “Enable Sample Size of Recipients” 10darts selects the random number of users you specify within your user target to test the notification.
Geographical Segmentation
When you enable this option your campaign will be sent to users located in the geography that you define, either by name, i.e. country, state, city, neighborhood, or by drawing a circle or an area on the map.