10darts provides you with a default set of reports so you know at all moments and in real time the performance level of your push notifications and your users’ engagement.


At the top of your Dashboard you will find the following key performance indicators:

Total Users
Total number of users you’ve had since you started with 10darts.
Alive Users
Users who have not churned.
Push-On Users
Live users who accept your push notifications.
Active Users in Current Month
Users who interacted during the current month

Then you’ll see the following charts:

Overall Notifications

You can first determine the time period that you want to analyze and whether or not you want to see the results in days, weeks or months.

In your first report you will see the analysis of the overall performance of all the push notifications you have sent to your users through 10darts, whether through Manual Campaigns, Content Feed or API.

That performance is analyzed in terms of number of push notifications you have sent, those received by your users, as confirmed by 10darts, and those your users have opened.

Campaign Success Ratio

In this report you have information on the Success Ratio of your push notifications, Manual Campaigns, Content Feed and API, measured as the amount of push opened vs the amount of push received by your users.

You can see in the Total bars the total number of push notifications opened by all of your users vs the total number of received in all the push notification categories you have (Manual Campaigns, Content Feed and API) expressed in percentages.


In Cohorts you can see the evolution of the users based on when they were acquired. This will help you analyze the impact of your acquisition strategy in the timeline. You can analyze the information based on days, weeks or months.

The rows show the time line starting at the moment your users downloaded your app (0) and the consecutive days, weeks or months (1 to n) tell you the percentage of those alive in each given period.


  Week 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Jun 26, 2017 100% 51.53% 36.20% 25.84%
Jul 3, 2017 100% 51.27% 28.50%  
Jul 10, 2017 100% 46.45%    
Jul 17, 2017 100%      

How to read this table:

Row 1: Out of all users acquired on the week that started on 6/26/2017, 51.53% are alive in week 1, 36.2% in week 2 and 25.84% in week 3.

Row 2: Out of all users acquired on the week that started on 7/3/2017, 51.27% are alive in week 1 and 28.50% in week 2.

Row 3: Out of all users acquired on the week that started on 7/10/2017, 46.45% are alive in week 1

Row 4: We’re currently in week 7/17/2017 and no data is available yet.