Distribution Methods

Ripple Effect®

Unless you choose one of 10darts Ripple Effect Distribution Algorithms, your campaign will be blasted to all users targeted following your specifications.

If you chose any of 10darts Distribution Algorithms, Progressive Ripple Effect or Geo Ripple, your campaign will reach the maximum interested audience from the user target you determined.

In summary, autonomous algorithms segment your user target in different groups and only send notifications to the next group provided that the previous one meets the minimum thresholds requirements. 10darts defines those threshold dynamically depending on the interaction level of your users and the amount of campaigns you send in the moment and in general, your content type / industry.

Geo Ripple

In a Campaign you can activate the Geo Ripple Effect® as a method to autonomously increase the effective reach in a certain geographical area.

This distribution methodology is particularly appropriate for notifications with geo-located content over which you cannot pre-determine the maximum area of audience relevance, i.e. local businesses’ information job offers, or news reports. This algorithm will expand the push notifications in larger areas until the user engagement in those areas decline.


The maximum audience that can be reached under this distribution method will be the user target you’ve defined for the campaign.

Progressive Ripple

The Progressive Ripple effect works similarly to the Geo-Ripple Effect but instead of applying the relevance algorithms in geographical areas, it is applied to different user groups dynamically generated by 10darts within the user target you define in each campaign.


The maximum audience to be reached under this distribution will be the user target you’ve defined for the campaign.

Touchpoint Selection

10darts analyzes your user engagement patterns with your platform. Among them are the Touchpoint that each user has.

When you select this option, 10darts will autonomously send your push notification to each user through their preferred communication channel at the moment you launch your campaign.

As 10darts incorporates communication channels (web notifications, Facebook messenger notifications, etc.) this feature will become more useful to ensure maximum user engagement.