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10darts software

10darts is a communications platform that allows you to maximize your users’ engagement while minimizing your time requirements.

Using Machine Learning algorithms, 10darts improves the communications with your users applying behavior predictions and profile clustering.

10darts software includes the following tools:

  1. Facebook Messenger setup.
  2. Web Notifications, Android and iOS SDK.
  3. RESTful API.
  4. Campaign Manager for creating and managing manual campaigns , seetting up and monitoring the results of your automatic campaigns and API personalized push notification campaigns.
  5. Data Manager System that gathers keeps and analyzes your users’ interactions data to boost user engagement and retention.

10darts Main Features

Autopost from external source
This feature allows you to select a RSS feed and automatically sends its content to your users as soon as the source updates. You can configure the target and the distribution method for each source.
Trigger campaigns
In 10darts you can set up campaigns that will be sent when the user behaves in pre-determined manner, i.e.: accesses for the first time, has not accessed in certain number of days, becomes a heavy user, etc. Each of these events is a trigger campaign that affects one user at time based on a trigger event. For Facebook Messenger you can design a conversational flow and adding Quick Reply buttons you can easily qualify each user into a specific segment automatically saving and storing their responses.
Autonomous A/B Testing
Once you’ve set up the A/B testing messages, why waste your time waiting on the results to take an action 10darts autonomously identifies and expands on the fly the most relevant message for your users.
Autonomous Segmentation
Using AI, 10darts’ clusters and segments your user base to maximize their engagement with customized push notifications.
Smart distribution: Geo Ripple-Effect ®
10darts’ Geo-Ripple algorithms autonomously expand your push notifications throughout your user base creating a cascade effect that maximizes the interested audience of your notifications. This algorithm is especially useful when you manage and produce local relevant information, from job vacancies in local businesses to local news.
Content Relevance
10darts uses content relevance score calculations to autonomously determine the relevant audience of a specific content out of your entire user base.

Get started

If you are a developer
  1. For Facebook Messenger go to: Integration Guide.
  2. For Web Notifications got to: Setup Guide.
  3. Fot iOs and Android:
  1. Configure your application in 10darts Dashboard. In case you don’t have a Google Server API Key and / or an iOS Push Certificate follow the instructions on the FAQ.
  2. Set up the SDK: Android and iOS.

😃 Congratulations, you are ready to launch your first campaign.

If you are a marketer, community manager or just do not code
  1. For Facebook Messenger go to: Integration Guide.
  2. For Web, iOS and Android, please have somebody integrate 10darts SDK in your app/web.
  3. Launch your first campaign.

For further info keep reading these Docs & the Help section. Feel free to contact us on if you need any help.